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A Note from our CEO: EI Hub Transition for New York

By October 20, 2022October 26th, 2022No Comments

With NYEIS being sunset and replaced by EI Hub, New York Early Intervention agencies face a challenge in maintaining business continuity, compliance, and cash flow. We are here to help you make this transition as easy as possible.

I am happy to say that we have implemented and thoroughly tested the EI Hub claim submission and response file formats against the EI Hub testing environment with success!

ProviderSoft currently communicates claims information to NYEIS using a billing file in the 837 Electronic Claims file format. EI Hub will support a similar file format that will be presented in ProviderSoft as a new Billing File Type. Communicating claims to EI Hub will be done in exactly the same way is currently done with NYEIS. EI Hub will also support the submission of claims adjustments, simplifying most void-rebill scenarios.

NYEIS communicates the rejection of claims using the proprietary F File format in addition to the standard EDI 835 remittance format. EI Hub will use only the standardized EDI 277 file format. The 277 response file may be imported as a Remittance just as the NYEIS F File is currently. Details will be shown in-system on which claims have failed EI Hub submission and why. The 277 response file also includes confirmation of acceptance for each claim, allowing you to explicitly ensure effective submission of each and every claim to EI Hub.

Claims accepted by EI Hub will be transmitted to EI Billing as was done with NYEIS. No change is needed with regard to Insurance, Medicaid, and Escrow remittance.

We have every confidence in the system’s ability to support the entire EI billing and payment cycle with EI Hub. This functionality will be deployed to your ProviderSoft instance in advance and activated upon EI Hub go-live. Additional guidance on EI Hub billing and response file workflows within ProviderSoft will be provided as the go-live date approaches.

The ProviderSoft Team is looking forward to supporting our agencies through this and all future challenges!


Tony Quarella, CEO