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ProviderSoft offers a variety of feature-sets and functions to support various kinds of Early Childhood Program operations.

Our product and service is continually upgraded with enhancements during our scheduled version releases. We are always striving to improve usability, performance, and feature-sets, and are constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of health and education regulations. We do this by employing industry specialists, and of course, listening to the needs of our clients.

Administrative Settings

  • Configure settings, fields, and selections to customize the system
  • Manage multiple regions, programs, and office branches
  • Set permissions for departments and users

Billing & Response Files

  • Create electronic billing files and upload electronic response files
  • Create paper billing (HCFA 1500) forms and enter manual responses
  • Create custom files to send to additional Payers
  • Create invoices and statements for families

Client Management

  • Maintain demographic, contact, program, and service information
  • Store and manage electronic records, forms, and documents
  • Track progress reports, meetings, reviews, and goals
  • Assign services, providers, classrooms, and medical info
  • Log and track attendance, make-ups, authorizations, and units
  • Track insurance information and authorizations
  • Maintain classroom information and attendance
  • Track medical, diagnosis, and prescription information


  • Generate and process federal file formats:  i.e., 278, 837, 835
  • Compatible with various clearinghouses
  • Compatible with various municipality systems: i.e., NYEIS, PROMISe, TKIDS, etc.
  • Compatible with various payroll companies and products
  • Custom integrations available

Mobile App

  • Capture and document session notes in real-time while in the field
  • Access client data offline without an internet connection
  • Retrieve detailed case information, including contact details and demographics
  • Work seamlessly with the web app

Outreach and Referrals

  • Directory for all program contacts and referral sources
  • Custom fields to create a custom outreach program
  • Reporting to manage and set criteria for outreach program
  • Track referrals, referral sources and physicians

Payroll Processing

  • Configurable and flexible pay rate calculations
  • Creation of 1099 payroll files
  • File export for various payroll companies and products
  • Optional automated penalty application

Staffing and Provider Management

  • Provider Portal for service providers
  • Alerts and email system
  • Personnel file compliance
  • Document management and electronic records
  • Staffing data including areas, details, and specialties
  • Service types, caseloads, classrooms, and schedules
  • Delivered and other logged services
  • Flag important deadlines, due dates, and compliance items
  • Schedules

Records Management

  • Documents, forms, and electronic session notes
  • Custom templates
  • Send and receive documentation
  • Go paperless and store historic paper electronically
  • Client and provider files

Remote Signature Tool

  • Send drafts of Session Notes and other documents to Caregivers to review, sign, and download
  • Allow Caregivers to retrieve notes and documents securely on mobile devices in real-time
  • Uses timestamps and geolocation to prevent fraud

Reporting Functionality

  • Reporting Wizard – Build your own reports
  • Revenue and financial reports, including Aging, Adjustment Reasons, Billing, Payments, etc.
  • Other management reports including Caseloads, Schedules, Productivity, etc.

Service Coordination Functionality

  • Customize using configurable fields and settings
  • Auto-calculate units and billing rates
  • Electronic billing and remittance for SC activities
  • Electronic documentation, records, and signatures
  • Custom templates and forms
  • SC payroll calculation

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