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About Us

ProviderSoft is owned and operated by a team of dedicated industry specialists in the Early Childhood and Information Technology space.

As a web-based commercial software product, ProviderSoft was first introduced to the public in 2007. The goal was to enable more efficient management of Early Intervention Agencies in New York State. We are now proud to serve various programs in various states. Beneficiaries of ProviderSoft include Early Intervention agencies, Preschools, Outpatient practices, ABA programs, and individual private practices. See below for some testimonials from our clients.

Our Mission

To empower Early Childhood Development providers with the software, service, and expertise they need to achieve operational excellence, enabling them to deliver the highest quality care to children and families within their communities.



ProviderSoft was the dream product of a pediatric physical therapist and Early Intervention agency owner. The challenge was to effectively and efficiently manage business, and to stay ahead of the curve. A solution of technology was explored, and years were dedicated to designing, developing, and testing a prototype.

With the help of the prototype, the agency was able to grow from a small organization servicing families in the immediate area, to include hundreds of providers servicing over 1500 children and their families. It was the ability to increase productivity, maximize service delivery, carefully track referrals, monitor performance, meet all expected deadlines, decrease expenses, and exceed the standards during audits that facilitated this growth.

ProviderSoft became a standalone technology firm in 2007, having successfully evolved from the experimental stage into a viable commercial software as a service company. The product and service is continually upgraded with enhancement and feature-set releases. We are constantly striving to improve usability, performance, and feature-sets, and are constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of health and education regulations. We do this by employing industry specialists, and of course, listening to the needs of our clients.

“We have used Providersoft for over 3 years. In that time our EI billings have went from a 60% to a 98% return rate. The ease of use of the software has made regulation transitions smoother. The staff have been exceptional. They are solution driven and work diligently to make sure that Providersoft is the best interface for EI billings.”

Heather GrahamLittle Meadows Preschool

“We love the ProviderSoft program because it addresses all of our needs. ProviderSoft has helped our administrators vastly improve situational awareness, increase utilization and billing of assigned services, track personnel file items, report on due dates and lapses in service delivery, and it enables service providers to access forms and paperwork online. Since using the system, we have seen a marked improvement in our effectiveness and are better able to stand up to the scrutiny of city and state regulators. ProviderSoft has truly made a difference in our efficiency, and I would highly recommend the system to others in the industry.”

Oliver TrinidadAbility Builders for Children, LLC

“Since my ECI program implemented ProviderSoft, my productivity has greatly increased. My procedures are much easier and smoother and my collection rate is higher. Providersoft is a wonderful asset to my program.”

Lizette AlexanderBACH ECI

“The Providersoft program has been great to help me manage my practice as I navigate the complex billing systems necessary for providing services within the Early Intervention system. The format is easy to understand and the billing for my services is fast. The training staff, as well as the development team, have been super-helpful in both educating me regarding the program’s capabilities as well as helping me to tweak the settings so I can submit clean, correct billing. While I am using ProviderSoft as a sole practitioner currently, I am confident that this software will allow me to continue to grow my practice should I consider that in the future.”

Marci MelzerIndependent Speech Language Pathologist

“The ProviderSoft system is excellent for all processes in business: Billing, Collections, Payroll, Reports, etc. Most importantly, ProviderSoft’s team is always taking into consideration the customer’s requests and suggestions which are based on the every day experiences of clients working with ProviderSoft.”

Tanya OstrovskyRightStart Inc.

“We have a very good experience with ProviderSoft. We can not imagine our organization without this amazing system. It keeps all the documents up to date. It keeps the agency very organized. The reports that the system allows us to create gives management a perfect idea of the agency’s operations in all departments. I would definitely recommend others to have it."

Anatoliy BenyaminovMama Program LLC

“I was absolutely thrilled to discover the ProviderSoft system at one of the agencies I work with. With one click of a button I was able to access records, billing information, and even search through information that was months old! Most agencies still use paper files so searching for a document to copy means I have to trawl through a mountain of files. With ProviderSoft, I can easily print out data directly from the system (such as my attendance records, or patient notes) which saves me time and ensures all the information is well organized…. The best part is that I can access records while I’m in the field, and keep all of my case information in one place. I would highly recommend this system to anyone in the industry!”

Anne Marie PitrelliIndependent Physical Therapist

ProviderSoft is all inclusive and with one system you are able to monitor all aspects of your business from case management through billing. Regardless of the size of your program, ProviderSoft is able to match your needs and there is no fear of having to switch systems to match your growth rate. As an EI Director, I used ProviderSoft successfully for seven years and found it both easy to implement and time efficient. Now as an EI Consultant, I would unconditionally recommend ProviderSoft to any of my clients establishing a new EI program or looking to re-organize their current program.

Rochelle J FriedmanEI Consultant, Early Intervention Management Solutions, LLC

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