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Why ProviderSoft?

Because our goal is to deliver the tools you need to provide optimal educational and therapy services to children. Since 2007, ProviderSoft has served Early Childhood Program agencies and providers across the United States by helping them to operate efficiently and effectively. Streamline your operations, maximize revenue, and ensure quality services with ProviderSoft.

Web-based Software

ProviderSoft offers commercial software for Pediatric Home-Health and Educational programs across various states and municipalities.

We have clients in the private and public sphere who utilize the system for Data Management, Billing, Payroll, Finance and Other Reporting, Paperless Session Notes and Templates, Electronic Document Storage and Management, Secure Communication, and Regulatory Compliance Tracking.

Implementation Planning

ProviderSoft staff, in partnership with new clients, will review important work-flows and set internal goals, directives, and timelines to personalize an Implementation Plan for the transition to our software system.

Data Migration

ProviderSoft staff, in partnership with new clients, will decide on a custom Data Migration Plan in order to transfer data into our software system. The custom Data Migration plan may include data entry, use of templates, or data mapping, depending on the amount of data being transferred, its accessibility, and the staff resources available for data transfer.


ProviderSoft provides ongoing web and email-based Support as a regular and customary service. We also supply personalized phone support through the use of Account Representatives during the Implementation process. Custom Support Packages are also made readily available to each new client.

Industry Consulting

ProviderSoft provides Early Intervention Industry Consulting to various client start-up programs. Please contact your Account Representative for more information regarding Industry Consulting.

Dedicated Account Management

ProviderSoft assigns each new client a dedicated Account Representative in order to personalize the software configuration, implementation, data migration, and the overall support experience with our company.

The Account Representative serves as the client liaison with ProviderSoft for the length of the subscription term.

Application Configuration

ProviderSoft builds a dedicated website, called an ‘instance of ProviderSoft’, for each new client. Once built, the website is then configured and personalized according to the specific needs and operations of the agency, organization, program, or individual practitioner.

EMR Template Customization

ProviderSoft will implement document templates per agency, organization, program, or individual practitioner based on the federal, state, or municipality standards for documentation. Customized templates are also available as specialized development packages for new clients.


Hours of personalized Training are provided to all new clients via phone and webinar. Prerecorded video trainings are made available for further reference. Training is also reinforced through the use of our ProviderSoft Sandbox allowing clients to practice what they’ve learned following a training session.

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