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ProviderSoft’s Mobile App Improves Billing and Posting Timelines

By September 23, 2022No Comments

ProviderSoft’s Mobile App Improves Billing and Posting Timelines

When we introduced our Mobile App in 2021, we theorized that its use would allow agencies to expedite all things session note related. This meant that agencies would receive session notes from providers more quickly, be able expedite their QA process, and bill for services sooner than other entry methods.

Now that we have over one-hundred thousand notes submitted by Providers using our Mobile App, we can confidently say that YES: using our Mobile App can improve your billing and posting timelines…by 70%!

Our Process

In order to prove our theory, we performed an audit across all of our Clients to compare the submission and billing timelines across the three posting methods available to Users:

  • Manual Posting: session notes entered via the Admin or Provider Portal via our Post a Single Session window
  • Web App EMR: session notes entered via our in-system EMR Session Note functionality
  • Mobile App: session notes posted and synced directly from our Mobile App

We then measured the average number of days it took from the date of service to post the session note in-system, and subsequently when it was placed onto a billing file.

Our Findings

What we found confirmed our initial thoughts but surprised us in the magnitude of benefit!

On average, sessions submitted via our Mobile App were received by the agency more than twice as fast as through our Web App EMR and almost 10 times faster than manual posting methods.

Similarly, mobile-posted sessions were billed in half the time of Web App EMR and one-third the time of manual entry. To illustrate this further, Mobile App submitted sessions were billed 20 days sooner than manually submitted sessions.

These shortened timelines offer serious financial benefits to our Clients by shortening the time between service delivery and the submission of billing. It also improves the overall QA process of sessions, ensures compliance through contemporaneous documentation, and can even improve cashflow as agencies receive payments more quickly.

We are excited that this module proved the value we hoped. Improvement in our client’s operations means they can get back to the business of serving children, families, and their communities.