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Sales Representative

This is an incredible opportunity to manage your exclusive sales territory with thousands of prospects that need your software and services. ProviderSoft Marketing will generate hundreds of leads for you, and you will have access the best contact database in existence to aid you in developing and closing new business. This position has tremendous earnings potential!


  • The primary responsibility is to bring in new business.
  • Salesperson will build their pipeline mainly through aggressive outbound prospecting activities (cold calls, networking, referrals).
  • Salesperson will respond to the hundreds of leads generated by our aggressive advertising and marketing and maintain a high closing ratio on these ProviderSoft-generated marketing leads.
  • Salesperson will demonstrate ProviderSoft software to prospective customers.
  • Salesperson will perform a needs analysis with prospective customer and generate a sales proposal based off this analysis. Executive pre-sales resources will be available to assist in the sales proposal generation process, and software demonstration, if needed.
  • Salesperson will utilize ProviderSoft sales force automation to continue to work towards closing sales for proposals created.
  • Salesperson will sell professional services to prospects and existing customers.
  • Salesperson will identify and attend key industry conferences and attend those conferences in marketing.
  • Salesperson will demonstrate the software over the web, qualify and close deals on the phone in most cases… many times without ever meeting the prospect face-to-face.


  • Self-Motivated to be the best salesperson on the planet
  • Ambitions to eventually manage a sales team
  • Great communications skills
  • Great listener
  • Creative thinker
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Voracious appetite to learn
  • Willing to work as hard and long as it takes to be successful ( 9 to 5 is not an option )
  • Ability to wear many hats
  • No fear or hesitation in asking for the order – you are a closer
  • You love to prospect and network – you are a hunter
  • Customers love you
  • You are comfortable closing deals over the phone
  • You regularly solicit positive criticism of your work from others, and are very critical of your own performance, in an effort to always seek improvement
  • Desire to be the best in your profession
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