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Account Representative

As an Account Representative at ProviderSoft, you will be dedicated to working with select clients to ensure that they can successfully implement our software system to perform various ongoing business operations. You will provide individualized customer service as needed and hold regularly scheduled meetings with clients. You will need to be intimately familiar with how your accounts operate and how they interact with our software to ensure that fully utilize new and existing functionality to meet their workflow needs. You will need to work in partnership with clients on a regular basis and assist them in achieving their goals within the system. Above all else, you will be responsible for maintaining the client relationship by anticipating their needs, providing leadership and support with their use of the system, and providing personal, exemplary customer service.


  • Manage current client accounts by building and maintaining relationships
  • Provide exemplary customer service via email and phone
  • Serve as the liaison between clients and ProviderSoft development staff
  • Provide training services to new client accounts and conduct weekly support conference calls
  • Understand client needs at a level of detail sufficient to define functional requirements
  • Document system functionality and its use
  • Demonstrate new functionality and communicate client feedback
  • Communicate system update information and other ProviderSoft news to accounts
  • Conduct client audits and negotiate audit increases with current accounts
  • Utilize internal tools and procedures for screen sharing, recording training materials, creating documentation, support tracking, and any other way to aid in the support of accounts


  • Bachelors degree, preferable in a related field
  • Understanding of business requirements and the ability to translate these into functional and efficient support for clients
  • Self-Motivated; Ambitions to manage accounts independently and effectively
  • Exceptional written and verbal communications skills
  • Creative thinker and an attention to detail
  • Hard working and an ability to wear many hats
  • Seeks positive criticism and ways to improve efficiency regularly
  • Computer savvy: familiarity with multiple programs, browsers, recording and screen sharing tools, etc.
  • Desire and talent for working with people; ability to positively affect difficult business negotiations
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